Emirates Diamonds | Buy Luxury Diamond and Gold Jewellery Online

Emirates Diamonds | Buy Luxury Diamond and Gold Jewellery Online

Emirates Diamonds offers a wide collection of diamond Jewellery Check out our latest diamond engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings with guarantee certificate Shop Diamond and Gold Jewellery Online Get Home Delivery.

What is Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are precious stones formed from naturally occurring carbon atoms that undergo extreme pressure and heat beneath the Earth’s surface. They are renowned for their exceptional hardness, luster and clarity, making them highly appreciated in jewelery and industrial applications.

Key Characteristics of Diamonds Include:

Diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man, ranking 10th on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

They display an extraordinary ability to reflect and refract light, resulting in their characteristic shine and fire.

A high-quality diamond is usually devoid of internal flaws or inclusions, although these flaws, known as inclusions, can sometimes add unique features and affect their value.

Diamonds can come in a variety of colors, including colorless (the most valuable), yellow, brown, blue, pink, and others.

The cut of a diamond significantly affects its shine and overall appearance. Well-cut diamonds are crafted to maximize light reflection and beauty.

Various Type Of Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewelry encompasses a wide range of accessories and items adorned with diamonds. Here are some popular types of diamond jewelry.

Diamond Rings:

Engagement Rings: Typically feature a diamond as the center stone, often accompanied by accent stones or set in various styles.

Wedding Bands: Bands adorned with diamonds either fully or partially encircling the ring.

Diamond Earrings:

Studs: Single diamonds set on a post, typically worn close to the earlobe.

Hoop Earrings: Circular or semi-circular designs adorned with diamonds along the hoop.

Drop Earrings: Feature diamonds hanging or suspended, often in various lengths and designs.

Diamond Necklaces:

Pendants: Single diamond or multiple diamonds set in various shapes and designs, hanging from a chain.

Chains/Necklaces: Chains that include diamonds either throughout the length or as part of the design.

Diamond Bracelets:

Tennis Bracelets: Consist of a single row of diamonds set within a bracelet, known for their continuous, uniform look.

Bangles: Rigid bracelets adorned with diamonds either all around or in specific sections.

Diamond Brooches and Pins:

Decorative accessories adorned with diamonds, often used to embellish clothing or accessories.

When Considering Diamond Jewelry, Various Factors are Important:

Diamond Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight: These characteristics determine the quality and value of the diamonds used in the jewelry.

Setting Styles: Different settings, such as prong, pave, bezel, or channel, can showcase diamonds in unique ways.

Metal Types: Jewelry can be made from various metals like gold (white, yellow, rose), platinum, silver, or others.

Design and Style: Jewelry designs very widely, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary styles.

Purpose and Occasion: Some diamond jewelry pieces are designed for specific occasions like engagements, weddings, formal events, or everyday wear.

Buy Luxury Diamond and Gold Jewellery

When purchasing or specifying diamond jewelry, consider personal preferences, the occasion, quality factors, and the overall design to find the perfect piece that suits your taste and requirements. Additionally, always ensure that you’re buying from reputable sources or getting the necessary certifications for the diamonds to guarantee authenticity and quality.

Feel free to ask questions and seek guidance from Emirates Diamonds to ensure you get the best value for your money and help you purchase diamond jewelery that suits your preferences.

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